Our Team

Shreekant Bhoot

Shreekant is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and a Registered Valuer with 20+ years of rich experience in the field of Finance and Accountancy. He has worked with multiple organizations from large MNC’s to domestic startups helping them in end-to-end finance functions including Fundraising, M&A and Taxation. He has a rich corporate experience in various industries- Manufacturing, Trading, Software having worked at Infosys handling international clients.  He has further Specialized in providing payroll processing and Valuation services.

Manish Buchasia

Manish is a Company Secretary with over 20 years of experience in the Company Secretarial domain. He has also provided various advisory services in fields of Accountancy and Law, Audit, Representative and Training functions. His core area is Corporate Law. His other areas of expertise include Securities Law, Foreign Investment Laws, Bankruptcy & Insolvency. He also possesses knowledge of NBFCs matter.

Hanuman Sharma

Hanuman is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with 20+ years of experience. He Specializes in Raising Funds and investments (Equity, Debt & Structured finance), Capital management, Investor Relations, Capital structuring, M&A. He also works in areas of training and management such as Organizational leadership development.

Sunil Saraf

Sunil is a Chartered Accountant with Specialization in HR and Payroll. He is also an advisory of international taxation. Other areas of work and expertise include Finance & Accountancy, Human Resource policy management, Recruitment, evaluation of financial systems, Controls & processes appraisal.

Shubhramanyam Chinni

Chinni is a Chartered Accountant with 18+ years of experience. He is a financial specialist who has worked in multiple industries- Hospitality, Infrastructure. He has experience in Debt capital market and ECB loans. His areas of service include Credit rating advisory, hedging, Term loan, project loan facilities, Trade credit facilitation, etc.