About Us

“One Stop” Financial Advisory Firm.

Dynamic CFO, manages the critical part of your business, Finance function and addresses the need of MSME /Startups /Corporates and your partner to success in achieving your business goal, with informed manner.

Our Mission

To provide the best service and customized solutions, making a positive impact on businesses, thereby cementing our partnership and long-term relationships and growing organically through the success of our Clientele and that of the Professionals team, we help them using cutting edge technologies and finance & accounts Best practices.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop organization for Finance & Accounts related services by providing regular /innovative solutions regularize and automated function with a view to enhanced productivity in field of finance and accounts.

Trustworthiness, Integrity and Ethics 100%
Faster Turnaround on timeliness 100%
Commitment and Confidentiality 100%
Customized Quality Services 100%
Strong Client Relationships 100%
Updated with Regulatory Developments 100%

WHO We Are…


Dynamic CFO has team of professionals who had worked in big organisations in various financial functions and are aware of the expectations of the Promoters or Management. Our various services provide a “WIN WIN” situation.

Dynamic CFO Services are relevant to finance ecosystem of companies that range from a start up to mid-sized company.

Even our Finance effectiveness service is useful to mid to large Indian/Multinational Companies.

We work at right levels of ownership, quality output, and work with organisation’s plans/vision along with maintaining timelines.

Who We Are

Dynamic CFO is “One Stop”Financial Advisory Firm. We provide Quality Services with total commitment and take care of Confidentiality.

Dynamic CFO Services, works with companies across the ownership structure ranging from Family Owned, PE/VC backed, Listed, Indian or MNC.

Dynamic CFO was formed by a team of experienced Professionals to provide specialised financial services to Small and Medium Enterprises. The team members, each having experience of 15+ years, have a professional corporate track record of being consistent in delivering quality output in their respective domain areas. We have specialisation is in providing Virtual CFO Services to SMEs so that the promoters can focus on their business While we provides M & A services and advises clients on appropriate options for obtaining funding.

Major Role

The role of a CFO is expanding, which at times encompasses technology, risk compliance, cyber security, digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence and analytics.

We at Dynamic CFO are the go-to person who helps shape the overall strategy of the organization, with both the company’s end goals and financial well-being in mind. Beyond crunching figures, they have to spot profitable business opportunities, navigate complex merger & acquisition issues, besides crafting long-term management strategies.